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Policies & Procedures

Honorarium Policy

The IAS Program Director, in consultation with the Program’s Financial Manager, must preapprove honoraria before any IAS event takes place.

Any changes in the people receiving honoraria at an IAS Program event must be preapproved before the event takes place.

No Washington University students, faculty, or staff may receive honoraria for their participation in a Program event. Rare exceptions can be made in cases where participation involves efforts well beyond normal.

Expense Policy for Events

Students and faculty need to submit a formal budget for preapproval by the IAS Program Director, in consultation with the Program’s Financial Manager, for any event where those expenses are anticipated to exceed $200. Submission of proposed budgets, receipts for expenditures, cash and other documentation for sponsored events should be accompanied by a detailed descriptive list that reflects professional reporting standards.

Reimbursement expenses can only be for student sponsored events that are open to the public, involve students and faculty, include students and external guests, or are part of community engagement activities that involve students and members of the non-WU community. With preapproval from the IAS Program Director, in consultation with the Program’s Financial Manager, some expenses from student meetings to plan events can be reimbursed.

Faculty Research and Teaching Budgets

Faculty can use their yearly Program research and teaching budgets for research and teaching related expenses, including related travel that conforms to the University Travel Policy. Please see the Arts & Sciences policy on use of faculty research funds.

All requests for reimbursement must conform to University practices.

Travel Policies and Expenses

Faculty, staff, and students who are working abroad on University related activities are required to register with the International Travel Registry. The International Travel Registry is a secure website with WUSTL Key access on which faculty, staff and students are asked to record travel itineraries and emergency contact information. The registry allows Washington University in St. Louis to better assist its faculty, staff and students in emergencies or times of crisis. 

Visit our travel registry

We also provide a detailed summary of University policies for faculty and staff travel expense reimbursement and advances. 

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