IAS Faculty Paul Lutzeler Co-Edits New, Interdisciplinary Book

We're proud to congratulate IAS faculty member Paul Lutzeler as he celebrates the publishing of a new book, co-edited with Peter Hoyng, entitled Transatlantic German Studies: Testimonies to the Profession. It's an excellent representation of the academic work we do in IAS, as it spans national borders and contains perspectives of multiple disciplines. Check out the brief summary below, and please visit the publisher's website if you're interested in reading further on your own.

The decisive contribution of the exile generation of the 1930s and '40s to German Studies in the United States is well known. The present volume carries the story forward to the next generation(s), giving voice to scholars from the US and overseas, many of them mentored by the exile generation. The exiles knew vividly the value of the Humanities; the following generations, though spared the experience of historical catastrophe, have found formidable challenges in building and maintaining the field in a time increasingly dismissive of that value. The scholar-contributors to this volume, prominent members of the profession, share their experiences of finding their way in the field and helping to develop it to its present state as well as their thoughts on its present challenges, including the question of the role of literature and of interdisciplinarity, pluralism, and diversity. Of particular interest is the role of transatlantic dialogue.

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