Migration and Mobility in the Modern Age

Book presentation

Migration and Mobility in the Modern Age: Refugees, Travelers, and Traffickers in Europe and Eurasia
(Indiana University Press, 2017)
Edited by current and former IAS faculty members Anika Walke, Jan Musekamp, and Nicole Svobodny

The edited volume is the result of the conference "On the Move: Migration and Mobility in Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia”, which was organized by IAS faculty in 2013. Migration and Mobility provides an interdisciplinary perspective on how migrations and mobility altered identities and affected images of the “other” in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. Chapters of the book combine methodological and theoretical approaches to migration and mobility studies with detailed analyses of historical, cultural, or social phenomena and thus offer a rich picture of the region as well as the potential of interdisciplinary work.

For more details on the book, please see http://www.iupress.indiana.edu/product_info.php?products_id=808334

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